Burlap Floor Pillows

Burlap Floor Pillows made from Recycled Coffee Bean Bags

I also had a couple burlap coffee bags I’d snagged at this great craft store in Urbana, Illinois called I.D.E.A. The store benefits the Champana Urbana School District Foundation and people bring in their old craft materials for resale. The store has everything. Everytime I’m over in that area for an academic conference I always go there and stock up for a year or twos worth of projects. My husband knows to bring a book and just sit outside the store (I can literally spend hours there!)

I love the rustic farmhouse decor in stores right now, but there is now way I am paying $25+ for a  burlap throw pillow I can make myself.After looking at some ideas on Pinterest, Marshalls, and Target I realized I had what I needed already laying around my house. I always buy gently used throw pillows at thrift stores and then can recover them as I feel like it. I had a few that i was sick of, so they were put into the burlap project pile.

So, I grabbed the coffee bags, my sewing machine, a pair of scissors and a couple old throw pillows. Two hours later I had two great floor pillows for my living room. My kids love them and my cats adore them! They are great when we need extra seating and in between large get-togethers I just prop them against a wall to look pretty. If you can’t find throw pillows that you like at the thrift store, JoAnn’s, Michael’s or Hobby Lobby all sell pillow forms that would work just as well.

All in total I spent $5 per pillow and $2 per coffee bag for the cover. I already had the thread for the covers and each coffee bag covered about an 18×18 pillow.

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