Fab Fit Fun Style Box

I love getting style boxes and when I briefly joined Fab Fit Fun and saw they had a style box option I knew I wanted to try it. I’ve used StichFix and ThredUp for style boxes as well. Overall, my favorite site remains ThredUp because the stylists have been on point with what I like and sent me things I wouldn’t have picked for myself but totally loved. Plus, it’s dirt cheap.

My expectations for Fab Fit Fun’s box was to get things I wouldn’t pick for myself. Both StitchFix and ThredUP helped me expand my wardrobe. I supplement what I get in boxes with a lot of thrifting so when I keep something from a box I want it to be classic and last me a number of years.

Fab Fit Fun’s box wasn’t anything to write home about. The clothing was about $40-$80 per piece (box total was $200 if I kept it). StitchFix was comparable in price but they sent me only clothes. Fab Fit Fun sent me a tote bag ($69) and a necklace ($44). I don’t need either item and would have been more likely to just keep the entire box if they had sent a second pair of pants or another summer dress shirt.

Items in Fab Fit Fun Style Box

The way Fab Fit Fun decides what to send is based on a survey and sending your Pinterest account info. I always send “My Style” board when I get a box. What I got was exactly what I would have bought for myself BUT if i am paying $200 for items I want the stylist to challenge me and surprise me with something I can’t easily find on my own.

18k Gold Plated Necklace $44
Fate tank top $42

The Fate black tank top was cute and had leather detail on the back collar but I can find a similar dress shirt for $4 at Goodwill and I already owned a similar shirt. Plus, it was a bit shorter than I like to wear (I had given my porptions to Fab Fit Fun and said I like to cover my hips and stomach. So, that was a disappointment.)

The Kut from the Kloth jeans were adorable and fit really well. However, I couldn’t justify the $89 price tag when Nordstrom Rack’s sells the brand for half the price. I thought the point of Fab Fit Fun was discount designer items? I guess that’s only for their seasonal boxes.

Fate Tank Top and Kut from the Kloth Jeans

The necklace was not worth $44 for just costume jewelry. I’ll pick Kate Spade up during a sale for that price.

Street Level Tote $68

I loved the tote. The fact that it’s reversible and can be used a either black or brown and had a small wristlet inside was great. I just don’t need another tote right now.

Boyfriend Blazer $49

The only item I kept was the dark green blazer. It’s exactly my style and I have plenty to wear with it for work. I also have very few light weight blazers. So, considering that after my styling fee I only was paying $29 for it was a good deal.

Overall, I’m sticking to ThredUp boxes. It was a disappoint to get so little clothing and to have the items be nothing out of the ordinary.

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